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Our marine engineers are specialized and fully certified to carry out complete maintenance and annual servicing   of radio navigation and communication equipment.

Our specialists have extensive experience in installation and   repairs of equipment, produced by all leading manufacturers.





  • Sales Navigation, Communication, Safety and Other Marine Equipments

  • Installation and Commissioning of Equipments

  • Sales After Service

  • Repairs, Troubleshooting and Replacement of Faulty Parts

  • Software & Hardware Upgrade of Equipments                            marine electronics transas turkey transas ecdis 

  • Supply Spare Parts of All Brands                                                  gemi elektroniği su üstü radarı

  • Supply Recondition and/or Secondhand Equipments

  • Delivery of Spare Parts

  • Exchange of Modules

  • Annual Maintenance of Gyrocompass

  • Initial and Periodical GMDSS Radio Survey with Authority of Class

  • Annual Test of AIS, EPIRB, SART, SSAS

  • GMDSS Shore based maintenance, EPIRB Shore Based Maintenance

  • Reprogramming of GMDSS Equipments according to Flag Change / Owner Change

  • VDR / SVDR Annual Performance Test with Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C)

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